Bringing fault-tolerant quantum computing to light

Quantum Source is on a clear path to the most powerful, cost-effective, practical photonic quantum computer.

Practical quantum computing

The realization of large-scale, fault-tolerant quantum computers depends on the ability to minimize the overhead required for quantum error correction.

Without quantum error corrections, the rapid accumulation of noise and errors prevents the implementation of long algorithms that are the “holy grail” of quantum computers, like the Shor factorization protocols, or complex chemical simulations for the pharmaceutical industry.

Building such fault-tolerant quantum computers requires moving from the level of hundreds of qubits to millions of qubits.

Photonics offers the most promising route to achieving large-scale, fault-tolerant quantum computing as it allows for repeatedly generating multiple photonic qubits using simple optical fibers as a huge quantum memory.

However, meeting the scalability and cost-efficiency requirements of commercially viable machines is a significant challenge for existing technologies.

Quantum Source aims to address this challenge using the photon-atom gate architecture, that offers a major change of scale and other key benefits, setting it apart from currently available quantum computing technologies.

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Our quantum architecture

Our technology enables large-scale, fault-tolerant, commercially useful quantum computers based on a novel approach of coupling photonic qubits with atomic qubits.

Quantum Source harnesses single atoms trapped on a photonic chip to both generate single photons and to implement atom-photon entangling quantum gates, facilitating the construction of complex 3D cluster states that are the backbone of error-correction codes.

The deterministic nature of the gates minimizes the need for costly and complex feed-forward and switching operations that are necessary in other quantum computing approaches.

Leadership team

Oded Melamed
Gil Semo
Prof. Barak Dayan
Dan Charash

Our investors

Eclipse Square
Grove Ventures
Dell Technologies Capital
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